Office Partitions + Insulated Wall Panels


Alcon has designed and developed various office partition systems in the past, and our current system is graceful and unobtrusive but retains an in-built strength, both in the profiles and the specially designed fixing accessories.

A fully integrated system with aluminium trims and steel studs it offers numerous options - from solid walls to full height glazing or partial glazing, - with numerous finishes and sound-rating or fire ratings available.

We can generally match other systems if existing - and we obviously construct in timber for structural requirements, be it walls, ceilings, mezzanine floors or other.

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Alcon are also installers of pre-finished insulated panels for walls and ceilings within an industrial interior environment.

These insulated panels, also known as 'sandwich panel' or 'coolroom' panel, are suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical manufacture, clean rooms, 'in-process' laboratories and controlled temperature areas - or simply as an economic method of constructing high stud factory walls.

Panels are lightweight, available in long lengths, are rapidly erected, have simple fixing methods, and sealed joins. Available in various thicknesses, and colours, and with ribbed or flat surface finishes. We manufacture personnel doors to suit the requirements of the installation, or arrange installation of 'rapid' type, or roller type doors.

We normally only install panel types that have a Class 1 fire rating and are fully FM Global approved to conform with most insurers requirements.